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Light Bulbs, Transformers, &Amp; Parts

By Kimberly Quang

Lighting parts and accessories is a diverse category of lighting related products designed to offer the homeowner or lighting professional new as well as replacement parts for indoor and outdoor lighting. Lighting accessories and parts for lighting fixtures may include the following categories of products:


The heart and soul of a low voltage lighting job is the transformer. Every low voltage lighting project requires the use of a lighting accessory commonly called a power supply. Power supplies or transformers convert household electricity to a safe low voltage current such as 12 or 24 volts. Most outdoor low voltage lights operate at 12 volts and are homeowner friendly when it comes to running wires, handling electricity and installing the lights.

Light Bulbs

Xenon, incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, metal halide, mercury vapor, halogen, fluorescent and high pressure sodium. We carry a wide selection from light bulbs and lamps from popular manufacturers such as Westinghouse, Eye, THHC, GE and Sylvania.


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Incandescent, halogen and fluorescent replacement porcelain sockets for medium base, mogul base, bi-pin base, mini-can base and candela base. Whether you are looking for one or a hundred replacement sockets, we can help you find just the ones you need.


For HID fixtures we carry fluorescent, metal halide, mercury vapor, halogen and high pressure sodium magnetic and electronic ballasts. Our inventory of lighting parts and accessories includes Lutron dimming fluorescent ballasts; Advance HID ballasts, capacitors and igniters as well as others for any lighting product on the market.

Lenses & Louvers

We have a wide selection of new and replacement lenses, gasket and louvers for all types of lighting fixtures including MR8, MR11, MR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR36 and popular PAR38 lamps. If you are looking for a cube cell louver to cut the glare, a replacentm4ent lens for an up light or just some MR16 beam elongation lenses, we have too many lighting parts and accessories to list.

Time Clocks & Photocells

Time clocks and photocells are the electrical devices that turn your lighting on an off either at a specific time or by dusk to dawn. Time clocks are a valuable part and accessory to any lighting job and come in both indoor models and outdoor models. A SPST rated time clock stands for single throw, single throw and is for single 120 volt 40 amp circuits. A DPDT rated time clock stands for double throw, double throw is for two 220 volt 40 amp circuits. Photocells, another accessory and lighting part, are available in 500 watt, 1500 watt and 3000 watt models. They should not be mounted in a dark area as they require the full sun to properly operate.

Lighting Contactors

Lighting contactors from Square D Corporation are special lighting accessories that handle lighting or electrical loads that exceed the capacity of switches, time clocks or photocells. A coil is energized by any incoming current that in turn closes the contactor switches allowing the higher current to pass through the device. This lighting part and accessory is very handy when you would like one switch, timeclock or photocell to turn on a large quantity of lights or electrical load from one location. Contactors come in a variety of configurations such as 12 volt, 24 volt, 120 volt, 208 volt, 240 volt, 277 volt and 480 volt coils with virtually unlimited secondary contact enclosures to handle just about any load.

Wire & Cable

Residential Landscape Lighting & Design carries a good selection of electrical wire and cable for both indoor lighting and outdoor lighting applications. We have UF cable and Landscape cable designed for direct burial or for surface mount applications where a UV protected wire is required. SJTO cable is designed for tree lighting applications and is used by landscape lighting professionals for moonlighting and tree lighting. Romex wire, an indoor wire is good for running switch legs out of the house or for bringing dedicated circuits from the panel. Wire, whether rated for indoor use or wire designed for landscape lighting is a fundamental component of any lighting job and a major lighting part and accessory.

About the Author: To learn more visit our

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Storage Facilities And Business Solutions

Submitted by: Gary MattocG

The very best London business storage facilities offer you a very good variety of expert services making sure you never need to preoccupy yourself about managing several businesses to respond to your different demands. Some of the business storage solutions good storage facilities provide include office space, stockroom area, archive room, motor vehicle storage, and also van rentals.

In relation to business matters, functionality is essential towards cutting loss and thus maximising business earnings.

One of the strategies which boosts efficacy is needing to tackle as few quality providers as you can. Whilst using the services of several firms might possibly help save you money when you take into account the individual charges only, often the sum of money you’ll save may well ultimately be cancelled out by the simple fact that you will have to dedicate much more time talking and coordinating with a lot of different businesses. This is why it will be far better in many cases to just pick one business to provide you choices for specific requirements. Obviously, you’ll still require a small number of service providers to take care of many different needs, but at the very least you can expect to be able to scale back on the amount of firms you have to handle on a regular basis.

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Exactly the same rule can hold for obtaining storage establishments. Whilst there are plenty of storage facilities all throughout London, only few London storage space establishments offer extensive business storage options. It really is highly recommended that you find a London business storage space location which will offer you you a good selection of options, whether you will want these at this point or not. Simply being forward looking is very necessary in terms of your enterprise storage space requirements seeing as you never actually know if you will end up requiring further space for growth, or unfortunately, for downsizing.

Examples of the business storage services you ought to start looking for can include:

Stockroom storage space – Given that increased stockroom storage space often is the most common demand for businesses, nearly all London organisation storage space centres naturally supply stockroom options. In place of wasting cash to build extra stockrooms immediately, it is a sensible proposal to just rent selected stockroom storage space till your business shows good enough expansion for you to pay out a lot more in commercial infrastructure. You can also just elect to rent out more workplace space, however with business office space renting hitting the roof, choosing to lease storage space from a London business storage unit would make much better economical sense. The reward in renting storage area is you can practically use it for just about anything, which includes keeping any excess office furnishings in case you want to downsize.

Archiving alternatives – With regards to archiving choices, you must take a look not only at a rental area, but also the way they will keep your important archives. Specific archiving cases developed to help keep the items dry and fresh and safe and sound should preferably be utilised. The space for storing will need to also be designed so as to be satisfactory for total archiving needs.

Office space – What you might not realise is the fact that some London business storage centres actually also lease out office space. Should you be starting off from scratch, or just want the workplace space for a short time only, it will also be a good proposal to track down a facility which delivers equipped office spaces. This would help you save quite a bit of money because you will not have to fork out cash for basic workplace pieces of furniture which you might never use several months down the road. Along with equipped business office space leases, check out if a storage space location will provide serviced office spaces. By doing this you will not have to worry with regards to workplace routine maintenance. That is one less service provider to deal with! Obviously make certain you are crystal clear with what is supplied within the office hire costs whenever you sign the long term contract since a few storage locations may possibly not include the cost of significant services such as water, electricity, and car parking, as a part of the leasing fee.

Vehicle storage – Whether you’ve got a big or perhaps smallish number of motor vehicles, you are going to be requiring space to keep them. Utilising the same premises for your office space, stockroom, archives, and also motor vehicles will make everything a whole lot more efficient for you. Only make certain that your vehicle storage units in the storage facility is going to be open 24 hours each and every day or else you could possibly end up experiencing difficulties with ease of access. Just in case you do not have adequate vehicles for your delivery service or maybe relocation requirements, you may also want to ask about van hire services, since several storage establishments also hire out vehicles.

About the Author: Safehouse Ltd offers a full range of self-storage facilities to suit your business requirements. For full details please email or call 0800 597 5000.



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Seo Services Get Your Website On First Google Page

SEO Services – Get your website on first Google page


Boris Egans

What is SEO?

About Search Engine

Search engines index every site on the web. The most dominated search engines are: (most popular), and

If you want to find a business, services or some information on the internet, you will use search engine for that.

Search engines work to locate information for web users. When you want to find something on

the web, you go to your favorite search engine and type in some words. Words or keywords phrases.

There is two results. Organic results and paid results. The results that you are get on search engines are what the search engine thinks are the most relevant of

the millions of web pages on the internet to what you are looking for.

So, how do your website get on the first few pages of results?

Search engines find and rank websites by using spiders or robots.

They visits the websites, cataloguing sites as they find them.

Let\\’s say you have an webstore that offer selling shoes online. A keyword or phrase you would probably

want to rank well for your shop is \\”buy shoes\\”. If someone type that in search engine, you would want to be on the

first few pages of results, which is important to many people visited your site and buy something.

What are the most common questions from webmasters?

YouTube Preview Image

– How to get on the first page of Google

– How to get on first page of Google

– How to be on the first page of Google search

– About first page google ranking

– About first page google rank

– How to be on Google first home page

– Why is seo important for your website

– How to improve your website ranking

– How to do seo for your website

– How to get your website on google search

– How do i get my website on google

– How to get on google first page

Many of them think that over the night can bring your site to the first page of Google. The answer is NO.

There are no secret seo book, seo tutorial, Google seo basics, seo guide, or something else that can bring you

over the night on first Google page. One is dreaming about first page of Google, and other is to know

how to bring your page on the first page on google. Many people read every day seo news, seo google text files, they visit

seo forums to find something about how to do seo, on page seo, off page seo, about page rank algorithm,

how to increase google page rank, but they still can not bring their website to the first page.

Also, there are a lot of SEO marketing companies and seo marketing websites who offers you

search engine optimization web marketing, professional search engine optimization, but there are only

a few that can really provide you with what they are offering, and that is organic seo marketing.

Web marketing search engine optimization is a large and complex job and needs a lot of time and effort to

bring your website on Google first page.

So, what is SEO?

What is SEO Articles?

You need best seo techniques. You need best seo help.

There is two SEO:

– On page SEO

– Off page SEO

On page SEO consists search engine optimization for your website. Your website need best keyword research

to make it better indexed by Google. Meta name, meta description, all that is part of on page search engine optimization.

Off page optimization is all others. Submits, seo articles, backlinks, forum promoting, blog promoting.

You need both (on page seo, off page seo) for best seo results.

How to SEO?

To be a good search engine optimization expert, it takes years and years of learning, monitoring the news,

monitoring the changes about page rank algorithm. Are you ready to spend over 3 years only for learning what is seo?

There is a better and faster way.

Find best search engine optimization experts or search engine optimization consultant, and get your website on first page

of Google for few months. That mean to buy SEO. When you buy SEO You do not have to think about what, how, when and where.

Team of search engine optimization experts will work for you.

They will write SEO articles for you. What will you do? Sit back in the chair and watch how your site bring to Google

first page.

Author of this article about Search Engine Optimization is MBSEO Services.

It was released for the purpose of teaching people what is seo.

If you want your site on first page of Google, you can contact us. Our team will advise you about everything you need.

SEO Services – Get your website on first Google page

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Good Banner Display Company Can Increase Revenue

Submitted by: Jeffreyww Pacheco

These meet the requirements of nearly all promotional situations.These provide a stylish display on the rear wall of your booth so that you don’t have to waste precious floor space.The outdoor stand is designed and manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Banners are trade show necessities–that’s why it is vital for you to work with the best printing company you can find. Printing companies come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them even seem to appear overnight. In a town like this, picking a good trade show printing company is harder than it would be in any other city.

Due to the dimension of the exhibit, the banner stand may double the location of your trade booth thus allowing your tables to be separated from the surrounding tables. This is extremely beneficial for your trade, primarily you are separated from the rest and secondly, you may entertain your clients at the stall and not worry regarding time. Thirdly, it would be simple for you get the attention of customers when they are confined in a space. For the intention of getting maximum profits from marketing tactics and to smarten your business show streamer stands you must use efficient displays like Modular Displays, Pop up Displays, Tabletop Displays, Fabric Displays and Portable Podiums Tower Displays.

YouTube Preview Image

Although national chains may have the benefit of familiarity, they cannot offer the personalized service that many companies will require for the convention exhibits, signage, and presentations.

Trade show banners have very wide printing spaces that you can fully use to your advantage. Make an imprint of your business name or logo and utilize the space to grab the attention of your customers. Another edge that these products have is that they are easy to produce. There are a lot of online suppliers out there that can give you these marketing materials without the usual hassles that go with advertising a business.

They are also very easy on the pocket and can easily fit in the smallest of budgets. Trade show banner displays get the job done exceptionally well as they can display graphic headlines that can easily attract considerable attention and interest. You also have the freedom to use them at almost any location. Also, at the same time by using such banner displays you can effectively minimize the costs that you would incur by using a booth.

When preparing a banner for a trade show, you have to know if your audience will be mainly wholesalers, buyers, or customers. As well, will this audience be purchasing your product on site, or will you be trying to promote your line of products to wholesalers and vendors? Your trade show banner must reflect those you are targeting.

With the help of the trade show banner stands, the people would also get to have an idea what you are really trying to sell or convey. Every minute spent in front of your booth, you get a chance to gain a customer. If not, someone will spread the word and tell others about the product that they recently saw at the trade show.

Now that you are familiar with the advantages of using these stands for your trade show or conference, it is important that you get acquainted with the choices available in the market. You can strike a good deal by making a profitable bargain on a suitable piece of banners. Having a portable banner stand also gives you the advantage of testing it prior to the expo.

About the Author: Marcy is interested in sales, conversions and anything related to marketing. She works for a trade show display company. You can read more about


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Decorated Dog Cookies For The Dog Lover In The Family

More Detail Here:

Submitted by: Sean Lannin

Decorated Dog Cookies for the Dog Lover in the Family

To be candid with you, I didn’t understand that individuals actually celebrated their dog s birthdays till a couple of months ago. I’ve owned dogs for most of my life and it never occurred to me that I ought to be celebrating the day that it was born or the day that I picked him up from the nearby Humane Society. Turns out that I am in the minority and the idea of throwing your pooch a birthday celebration is fairly common, and the lengths that some dog owners will go to for this special day are extraordinary.

Are you a dog lover or know somebody that is? Do you celebrate your dog s birthday or do one of your friends thrown a bash for their favorite pooch?

YouTube Preview Image

We reside in a dog loving town! No really Bend Oregon loves their dogs! I believe you will find more veterinarians per capita than any other place on earth a vet on every corner seemingly. At 3500 feet it gets cold in the evenings and snows throughout the winter, actually, it is snowing outside as I write this post, and individuals discover all sorts of methods to spend cash on their dogs. Birthday parties for their dogs are no exception.

We have noticed that folks aren t bashful about spending cash on their furry buddies; winter jackets, life vests, or “snow boots for their paws are a typical site at the dog parks and rivers around town. It ought to come as no surprise then that people wants someone to create a cookie in the shape of a dog for their pooch s special day, and want to have the cookie decorated to match their coloring.

Custom, personalized decorated dog cookies as easy as snapping a photo and emailing it

I do not mean a dog biscuit, nope, these are people cookies each individual cookie cutout in the shape of the specific breed, and decorated to look just like the dog lovers pet. What better method to celebrate together with your people friends than creating these unique cookie gifts for your dog s birthday? A decorated dog cookie, custom designed to appear exactly like your dog? You’ll Love them!

So, when you have a friend that is throwing a party to celebrate their dog s bday and are worried about what gift to get the dog, maybe you should also think about what to get the dog owner. What is better than a little sweet treat when having a party, and what better gift to present than something as personal as dog cookies?

It’s possible to obtain a decorated dog cookie of just about any dog breed. It might be a cookie cut from a Wiener dog cookie cutter, or a Dalmatian cookie, or a Labrador, or custom created for owners of all sorts of , each and every imaginable shapes, sizes, and colors. It truly is quite enjoyable and difficult attempting to match every unique dog but the result is a gift that will provide cherished memories for years to come.

About the Author: Look at the Animal Pictures and check out some of the dog designs we have created. You can also find more information about decorated dog cookies at


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San Antonio Power Benefits Strength Efficient Guidelines In San Antonio

Submitted by: Felix Cortez

Are your property utility payments high even though your desired consolation amount is very low?

Is your home extremely scorching during the San Antonio summers and colder than youd like within the the winter season?

Is your property sizzling and stuffy, even as soon as the AC unit is working?

Perhaps you have thought, How Can I make my residence extra strength successful and relaxed without having shelling out an arm as well as a leg?

Are you prepared to accomplish your part to assist conserve our strength solutions?

When contemplating San Antonio vitality efficiency home enhancements, it can be important to contemplate all factors of the selection. Each and every property is unique and so are its electricity efficiency difficulties. A visual and personal energy audit by a home inspector can be a good way to have a thorough evaluation within the overall efficiency and functionality from the vitality consuming capabilities in your home. A individual house audit will detect underperforming locations to show in which price tag successful improvements is usually produced to lessen individuals utility expenses, and increase your comfort, wellness, and security.

Details about San Antonio Energy Efficiency:

1. San Antonio area climate in particular inside the summer time is extremely sizzling! The typical excessive during the summer is 95 degrees, and might reach properly more than one hundred degrees for weeks at a time. Meanwhile, the normal the winter season low is 39 degrees, which might not seem quite reduced for Northerners, but this is freezing for South Texans. What does this necessarily mean? You may need reliable electricity-successful programs as part of your house season-round to keep you relaxed with out breaking the traditional bank.

YouTube Preview Image

a couple of. Texas is responsible for 3/10s of U.S. whole natural gas production. The average cost of normal gas inside the San Antonio area is approximately $8.80 for every thousand cubic ft, which is $one.80 much less than the nationwide normal.

three or more. San Antonio residents pay out close to $0.01 every kilowatt-hour, which is often a little over the nationwide common for electricity from utilities like CPS Vitality.

4. What do information #a couple of and #several indicate? While San Antonio strength fees in common are much less than the national common, we have been paying out a lot more than the regular nationwide client; when there is certainly one major power company within the area CPS, they’ll get away with this. This really is another cause to seriously think about San Antonio power savings by creating your own home far more vitality successful.

five. The common San Antonio home is 25-30 decades old. Generally, any residence greater than five-ten many years ancient can seriously bonus from power efficiency upgrades, like strength saving heating and cooling products, attic insulation, and window film or screens.

A couple of Solutions for Generating Your San Antonio Home Much more Effective and Comfortable

San Antonio Energy Effective Radiant Barrie

Radiant barrier is often a reflective foil insulation system that is certainly positioned in an air house to prevent warmth transfer and is a everlasting method to minimize electricity prices. Radiant barrier reflects radiant warmth power rather than absorbing it and can be unaffected by humidity. It can proceed to complete at a constant levels regardless of how sizzling or humid it could possibly be, therefore conserving strength and cash all yr prolonged!

During the hot South Texas summers, Radiant Barrier blocks as much as 97% of the suns radiant warmth from being transferred into your construction.

Throughout the cold the winter season, Radiant Barrier keeps heat from escaping your construction by reflecting up to 97% with the radiant warmth rear in, as a result requiring much less give good results by your air conditioning system.

San Antonio Electricity Environment Friendly Window Photovoltaic Video

Window films enable your house, workplace, or building with warmth, glare, and fade problems, at the same time as helping to reduced month to month utility expenses. In addition, stability films aid carry shattered glass in area to far better guard your house inside the case of serious climate or attempted vandalism. A good window motion picture deflects the suns rays and keeps the heat out through the scorching summers and can even reflect heat in in your property through the winter weather, preserving HUGE dollars on strength fees.

Federal Tax Credits For San Antonio Energy Environment Friendly Window Movie:

On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

By way of the end of 2010, the IRS will allow house owners to acquire a tax credit ratings of 30% from the price of photo voltaic control window motion picture installed in their major home, having a lifetime optimum credit history of $one,500 every taxpayer.

The tax credit can be a direct dollar for greenback credit, or reduction, from the volume of taxes you should compensate, not just a tax deduction from earnings. The cost with the video by itself, not the installation price, qualifies for this credit ratings so very long as it can be installed just before December 31, 2010.

San Antonio Power Effective Sun Screens

Sun Screens prevent 90% of sunlight and warmth which can make up approximately 45% of your warmth attain in your own home or enterprise.

Sun Screens can make windows nearly 15% far more effective in cold weeks by creating a 3rd layer of insulation for double pane windows.

Heat through the suns rays are absorbed through the open weave layout in the display fabric and then dissipated via the small holes from the mesh. The heat is deflected just before it even reaches the glass.

Property Energy Efficiency Audits in San Antonio

Whenever you determine to own a house electricity efficiency audit, it’s vital which the professional auditors make the vitality efficiency upgrades straightforward to understand and carry the utmost treatment in performing the evaluation. A house energy audit may even give you useful info on rebates and tax credits offered from San Antonio utility companies as well as the administration on recommended items.

American Power Protecting Products provides strength efficiency solutions in San Antonio and also the surrounding places. Our San Antonio energy efficiency consultants present a wealth of experience and expertise to grant you the valued details and cost-effective suggestions you need to maximize electricity efficiency and lowering utility bills.

About the Author: Seeing if article writing is my thing. Been blog posting for a while and i’m ready for a chage.


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Seo Services Search Engine Marketing Services

Submitted by: Samskriti Solutions

Samskriti Business Solutions is a leading online marketing company and the foremost Google Adwords Certified Partner Company in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Samskriti Business Solutions (SBS) offers dynamic web marketing solutions to the clients across the globe with a collective experience of executing Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing along with web development services. SBS has an expert team of SEO analysts and PPC certified professionals who have vast experience in the field of online marketing.

SBS offers the best to the client in terms of quality traffic and quantity leads. It creates a clear strategy for formulating SEO and SEM campaigns for the generating more traffic and leads to the website of the clients. SBS provides a wide range of online marketing solutions like Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, E-Mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. SBS also has a creative designing team that provides exclusive website designs and templates for the clients across various verticals. SBS is highly experienced in SEO and SEM services that are comprised of Meta Tag Optimization, Article and Directory Submission, Link Popularity Buildings, Website Evaluation, Pay per Click Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Budget Fee Model, Cost per Action, and Cost per Visitor, Comparison Shopping, and Listings on Amazon & E-Bay. SBS is flexible to work for client s desire to top on any search engine like Google, Yahoo and MSN search pages.

YouTube Preview Image

SBS believes in delivering the best to the client, the reason why it has 100% client retention rate. SBS has best expert to research, plan and execute the campaigns of different vertical base to clients and provide them custom tailored solutions. SBS follows industries best practices to give reliable results for your online business needs. SBS is supported by Google ad words, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN ad centre and all search engines which can give you wide exposure across all streamlines.

Samskriti Business Solutions has the expertise to improve visibility, enhance conversions, improves brand image, higher returns on investments, derive 100% customer satisfaction, increase sales volumes, increases number of customers and improve the performance of the website.

As a web designing and software development services provider, SBS creates aesthetic designs from simple to dynamic websites. It has a team of qualified software professionals and creative designers who are young, experienced and dynamic to solve any resolving issue with in short span of time.

SBS has emerged as a pioneer in the field of online marketing for about past two years but it is today at a stage where its excellence in online marketing solutions is highly recommendable by major companies. SBS successfully implemented many online campaigns for SEO, SEM/PPC, Affiliate Marketing, and E-Mail Marketing solutions for Gift Portals, Healthcare Services, Dating Sites, Real-Estate companies, Chocolate stores, Florist Stores and Leather Stores.

If you are on look out for a online marketing company that generates demanding business from your website, Samskriti Business Solutions is the right choice for meeting all your online marketing needs and advertising your products in the most attractive and unique way..

About the Author: Search Engine Optimization is very important for Online Marketing. When it is done properly, it helps you attract many targeted visitors to your website, and can improve your business results.


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Man drowns in Texas lake after falling from boat

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 

Rescue personnel have found the body of a 46 year-old man, who drowned in Lake Palestine, in northeast Texas, while fishing on Sunday. Rescue crews began searching the lake for a missing person on Sunday evening around 8:30pm (local time). A police official told reporters the man was found just before midnight on Sunday evening.

The man, identified as Fredrick Perkins, was a resident of the city of Tyler. Perkins was fishing with a woman, when they fell out of their boat. Reports indicate Perkins was not wearing a life vest, although the woman was. She said he fell into the water when attempting to bring in a stringer of fish.

Onlookers stated it was unclear if the boat overturned or if the man simply fell from the boat. Witnesses reported the boat was about 300 yards from the shore when the man fell into the water. Officials used a sonar device to locate Perkins’ body. His remains were found along the bottom of the lake at 11:53pm.


Indonesian authorities report refugee boats pushed back by Australian Navy

Monday, January 13, 2014 

The Royal Australian Navy towed back arriving asylum seekers to Rote Island, Indonesia, after claiming Christmas Island destination, Indonesian National Police reported Monday of last week. Last Thursday, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott supported lack of transparency on the issue.

Indonesian police found the two ships reportedly forcibly towed back from Australia on December 19, and on January 6 after being towed on New Year’s Day. A self-identified Sudanese asylum seeker from one of the boats reported the Navy ship numbers, identifying them as HMAS Parramatta and HMAS Glenelg, and said the refugees were denied access to navigation tools during the duration of the route and abandoned in sea in the middle of the night. Commenters called such practice “push-backs”, “tow-backs”, “turn-backs”.

Police chief Hidayat Rote Island, speaking to Fairfax Media, said the second boat was adrift: “They were rescued by the locals, because the boat engines were dead. The boat now is wreckage, near some reefs.”

The Australian government had also planned to purchase additional lifeboats for refugee expulsion from Australian waters, Fairfax Media reported.

Australian government originally had no response, but after protests by Labor and the Greens, Tony Abbott commented. Last Thursday, he supported lack of transparency on the issue by saying “I’d rather be criticised a bit for being a bit of a closed book on the issue, and actually stop the boats. I’m pleased to say that it’s now several weeks since we’ve had a boat, and the less we talk about operational details on the water, the better when it comes to stopping the boats.”

Defence Force chief David Hurley also claimed professional behaviour of board officers and the Navy when handling arriving refugees boats.

Indonesian National Armed Forces chief General Moeldoko said according to the Jakarta Post, and an Australian Defence Force spokesperson confirmed, that they agreed on the push-backs approach mid-December with no further comment; with Mr Abbot calling the relationship “very strong”, while Indonesia’s legal and security affairs minister Djoko Suyanto and foreign affairs minister Marty Natalegawa both disapproved of the approach. General Moeldoko reportedly later said the media had misreported him.

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNRA) was seeking explanation from the Australian government, it reported in a press briefing this Saturday. The UNRA spokesperson, Babar Baloch, raised legal concerns by saying that “Any such approach would raise significant issues and potentially could place Australia in breach of its obligations under the Refugee Convention and international law. If people who are in need for international protection seek a country’s safety, then they must be allowed to go through a process which helps to determine if these people are in need.”

Marke, another self-identified Somali asylum seeker, claimed earlier similar treatment, on December 10: that the Australian Navy — HMAS Parramatta and HMAS Maitland — had claimed Christmas Island destination, towed his boat for several days, and subsequently dropped at an undisclosed location.


Bahamas become fourth country to ban shark fishing

Thursday, July 7, 2011 

The Bahamas on Tuesday approved a law banning shark fishing in its waters, along with selling, importing and exporting shark products. This makes the Bahamas the fourth country to ban shark fishing, joining the Maldives, Honduras, and Palau. The 630,000 sq km of water around the Bahamas has now become an official shark sanctuary.

The ban is welcomed by many, including environmentalists. The President of the Bahamas National Trust, Neil McKinney, spoke about the issue saying, “They desperately need protection if we’re not going to drive them to extinction.” Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette also commented on the ban: “This is in keeping with the government’s commitment to pursue conservation policies and strategies in order to safeguard the marine and terrestrial environment.”

However, some feel that the ban will affect relations with China. Shark-fin soup is highly popular in China, with around 73 million sharks killed every year. To prepare shark-fin soup, the fins are often scraped off, and the body of the shark is thrown back into the water. A report published by the Pew Charitable Trusts found that shark populations have fallen by 70 to 80 per cent, with a third of all shark species being threatened or nearly threatened by extinction.