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A Guide To Rugby In Yorkshire

A Guide to Rugby In Yorkshire


Emma McCann

Yorkshire rugby has been played since 1877 and in this year the committee of the Yorkshire County Football Club issued a knock-out tournament the first of its kind in the UK. Competing for a trophy appealed to the public of Yorkshire and therefore the local Yorkshire Rugby teams all fought it out to be the best team in Yorkshire. All the proceeds from the match were given to local charities a tradition that is no longer seen today, but most of the profit made by both team and players are contributed to local and national charities.

In the first season of Yorkshire Rugby 16 teams played for the T owd Tin Pot which was finally won by Halifax. The trophy is known as the T owd Tin Pot due to the Yorkshire accent. The cup is still in play today and is still competed for by teams within the Rugby Football Union. The trophy was won by the Yorkshire Rugby team Morley Rugby Club just before World War II broke out and was kept safe and unharmed under the secretary s bed for the duration of the war.

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Yorkshire Rugby is very proud of their local teams and of all the silverware they have collected over the years bringing them into an international standard league of teams. Leeds Rhinos for example are currently the European Super League champions, making sure Yorkshire Rugby stays on the map. Yorkshire Rugby is proud to present many successful teams all in their own right earning their way to the top of the league tables but as a whole representing Yorkshire Rugby. Yorkshire Rugby is home to the Bradford Bulls, Castleford Tigers, Wakefield Trinity Wild Cats and the Featherstone Rovers all being a success for both their local area and for Yorkshire Rugby.

Yorkshire Rugby is sponsored by many local businesses supplying relevant funds and kit for the players and the clubs. Many of these sponsorships are made in accordance with training young local talent getting them playing Yorkshire Rugby allowing anyone on any budget to get involved. The sponsorships also encourage people in the local areas to get involved with Yorkshire Rugby.

Yorkshire Rugby has under16s, 17s and 18s rugby teams to allow the local rugby talent to get involved at an early age. You may not want to play the sport yourself but you may want to get involved with Yorkshire Rugby in other ways. Being a spectator is the most obvious of examples, you can buy tickets for individual games though the bigger games do tend to sell out quickly, therefore to avoid disappointment why not buy a season ticket that allows you to go to every game for your specified team.

Yorkshire rugby is a great day out event for anyone of any age and can be good value for money. To find out more about what to expect from Yorkshire Rugby and to see where to go and how much it will cost you visit Yorkshire where you will find more helpful information.

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