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The Secret To Awesome Barbecue}

Submitted by: Terry Retter

Have you tried the most delicious barbecue?

Cooking meat at low temperatures may be time consuming but it exactly what gives freshly smoked meat its glorious tenderness and aromatic hardwood smoky flavor. Smoking food has been a part of American cooking for a very long time now. In fact, smoking houses were designed in the early days with the only purpose of preserving meat.

Old barbecue experts take smoking meat very seriously. Their long practice and patience of cooking in a smoker have created them very successful barbecues. Meat smokers may well tenderize the meat, even the toughest and fattiest briskets and pork are rendered enormously done when barbecued in a smoker. Smokers keep track of how done the meat is without too much hassle, and the smoky flavor of the meat cannot be matched to anything else.

Smokers have been around for generations symbolizing how people have well-like smoked food. They may not be as popularly used compared to the stove or microwave oven these days, but they are traditionally used as barbecue grills. The many smoked food like hams and bacon we see in the grocery stores today are living evidences of this wonderful way of smoking food.

There are two different methods of smoking the hot and cold smoking. Hot smoking involves heat by enclosing the meat in a smoker and let hot smoke pass through the food. Aromatic woods such as hickory and apple are added to the fire to produce strong scent while the smoke penetrates the meat imparting rich flavor.

The cold smoking method smokes the meat or fish without exposing it to heat. The flavor reaches the food but not the heat. Food is kept in an enclosure separated from the source of heat, and the smoke is cooled before it is introduced to the smoking chamber. Food to be cold-smoked are usually salted or brined before smoking. The salt cures the meat as a way to preserve meat from bacteria.

These days, smoking food can be easier. Some modern smokers are made with digital technology and maintaining temperature has become very easy. There are even companies manufacturing custom-built smokers to suit a client’s specifications. You can choose between gas, electric, or traditional charcoal or wood to use. Wood chips, briquettes, or sawdust usually go with the purchase.

Buying a smoker today may be perplexing from the many different types available. You will see every size, shape and make that you can imagine. This broadly shows how Americans still value the smoking method. When buying a smoker, consider the number of people you cook for so that you get a reasonably-sized smoker. From the reputable sites online selling smokers, you will get the best quality and price to fit your budget.

If you have never tried a smoker barbecue, having a smoker in the house will allow you to cook great and nutritious grilled meals for your family and friends. The combination of quality cooking and ease will bring you the ever-delicious, mouth-watering and the most earthly flavored barbecue that is more than just a conventional treat. There simply is no doubt about it.

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