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If there’s one constant in life, it’s that things get dirty, both at home and at your place of business. Many times, all that’s needed to clean up is the desire and a lot of elbow grease. But sometimes, even here in Fargo ND, the job is too big or too difficult for just one person to manage. That’s when you need a locally operated and owned cleaning business to step in and do the tough stuff.

What type of services does an ace janitorial cleaning service company provide?

Janitorial commercial cleaning – Let’s say you’re responsible for making sure a car dealership, medical facility, office park, real estate agency, bank, or school or university is kept clean. A cleaning service can provide floor cleaners, who are experienced in keeping tile and carpet looking like new, window cleaners who will keep all your windows a pleasure to look through, night duty janitors who will make certain that when your building opens each morning, it is sparkling clean, and porters who will work throughout the day to make sure that your business stays clean and inviting

Residential cleaning – A thoroughly cleaned house is essential for everybody, but in particular for those persons with allergies. A professional cleaning service can detail-clean your bathrooms and kitchens, living and sleeping areas, getting into places where you haven’t been able to reach since you were a kid! In the bathroom, they’ll get rid of those cobwebs, clean the floor, dust, clean the toilets, bathtub, shower, tile walls, mirrors and chrome fixtures. In the kitchen, they’ll clean the countertops, the outside of the range hood, front and top of range, wipe all glass top surfaces and drip pans, clean the sink and shine the chrome, clean the fronts of all appliances, do some general dusting, and clean the microwave. In your living room and bedrooms, they’ll hand wipe all surfaces, clean the floors, and do all general dusting

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Carpet cleaning – They have experienced technicians who will deep clean carpets and upholstery, and make them look as good as new

Hard floor care – Every floor is different. A good janitorial cleaning service knows how to strip and wax floors correctly, seal, scrub, and recoat floors, buff, burnish, and do an acid deep scrub for any tile

Window cleaning – Quarterly, bi-weekly, or weekly cleaning is available for exterior and interior glass

Water damage cleanup – If your sump pump fails or a pipe breaks without warning, you’ll need to take care of the damage as soon as possible. Their 24 hour emergency water damage restoration service will get to work ASAP to prevent secondary water damage. Water extraction trucks will pump out any large amounts of water. Once this is done, they’ll start the sanitation process to kill bacteria with high-grade dehumidifiers and air movers

Construction cleanup – Their post construction cleaning service is affordable and thorough

Ensuring proper clean up shouldn’t be a hassle. Learn how a professional cleaning service can help alleviate the stress of getting things back to normal.

In Fargo ND, contact the cleaning service that will provide the best and most affordable service available – Sharp Cleaning Services. We look forward to serving you!

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