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How To Restore Your Cast Iron With Wood Stove Polish Wood Stoves, All Types Of Cast Iron And Steel}

How to restore your Cast Iron with Wood Stove Polish-Wood Stoves, all types of cast iron and steel


Rafe Oleson

Do you own an unfinished cast iron wood or cook stove? Wouldnt you like to restore and spruce it up a little .If you are like me, you just love taking something old and making it new again. Well, you can do this with Old Fashioned Stove Polish. There are two brands of Old Fashioned Stove Polish that I like and believe works the best. The Williams Stove Polish and the Rutland Stove Polish Paste.

Williams Stove Polish

The Williams brand of polish has been around for 90 years. The polish leaves a lustrous black finish on unpainted steel and cast iron. Its also odorless and does not contain any waxes, or smelly harsh solvents or flammable materials. Its very easy to apply to your woodstove. All you have to do is wait until the wood stove is dry and cool. Then buff the surface until you bring back the shine. The natural waxes in this stove polish also protect from rust and oxidation. (Polish contains only graphite & carbon).

Rutland Stove Polish Paste-

This stove polish protects and renews the life of any cast iron surface. Just dont use it on painted cast iron. I use it on all of my outdoor unpainted cast iron. The difference between the Williams and Rutland are, Rutlands Polish is combined with three different waxes in a water based emulsion, but its also a non toxic, and is also non flammable.

Please note: Stove Polish restores finish only on unpainted steel and cast iron. If you have other antiques saved and lying around ,and you would like to know what else you can spruce up, than I have a list for you.

Coal Stoves, Barbecue Grills, Iron Pots and Cast Iron Kettles. (Helps restore and prevent deterioration of these cast iron surfaces). Also great for Gas and Oil Stoves, Fireplaces and Iron Screens.

Safety Tips :

While in storage, keep Stove Polish in a container in a cool well ventilated area.


Wear latex gloves, while applying.

Make sure you are able to open a door or window, to well ventilate the room where your stove is in


If you can, wait for a pretty spring day, where you can open up a door or window.

1.First you will need some latex gloves, so you will not have black all over your hands.

2.Its important to use a good quantity paint brush when applying to your wood stove, then wipe off any excess with a clean lint free cloth .My husband saves his old crew socks and uses those, they really work well.

You may have to use several applications, after the polish has dried, you can hand buff your wood stove and you will have created, a beautiful restored cast iron stove, with a brilliant shine.

Rafe Oleson

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How to restore your Cast Iron with Wood Stove Polish-Wood Stoves, all types of cast iron and steel }