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When you get a dog, you are welcoming another member into your family. It is an important commitment that may yield many years of happiness for both you and the dog, but in order to ensure that your dog is as happy and well-adjusted as possible, you need to put in the work of dog training. This will also spare you a great deal of embarrassment down the line, since a poorly trained dog can be very intrusive and upsetting to visitors who are not used to dealing with canines.

The key to successful dog training is positive reinforcement. Dogs want to please the humans who love them, so be sure to use lots of affirmation when your dog does something right. Don’t try to do too much at once. Focus on small sessions, but be consistent, teaching the same commands day after day with a repetitive training program. Every time the dog sits when you ask him to or rolls over or gets down at your command, reward him with an exclamation of “Good dog!” and a pat on the head.

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Food is a very effective motivator for dogs, but it should not be overused. People have a tendency to feed dogs unhealthy treats or an excess of food in the process of training, and this can establish a dependence and neediness that undermines the value of the training program. If the dog becomes too used to getting a treat at the drop of a hat, he begins to demand it, and this sets up a situation in which the dog is the boss, and that is never a good idea. Additionally, the dog can easily become overweight if given too many treats in this manner, and you dog’s good health should always be a priority for you.

If you are a part of a family, you should decide which person will have primary responsibility for training the dog. Others can assist, and once the commands are learned, they can implement them. However, the program will go more smoothly if it is the same person doing the training in each instance. This will give the dog a greater sense of consistency and make it easier to retain the information being presented. It’s also good to put yourself on a strict schedule so that training occurs at a particular time each day. If you are disciplined, the chances are better that your dog will be too.

Training a dog takes time, just like any worthwhile venture, but it is a valuable exercise whose results can last for well over a decade. A dog is a faithful companion, and you should do yourself and your dog a favor by establishing the rules of the house right from the outset. The more a dog knows about what is expected of him, the better equipped he will be to act accordingly. Whether you enroll in a professional program or simply do your research and teach the commands at home, training a dog is an essential component to healthy pet ownership.

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