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Why Medical Assistant Education Is Important?}

Submitted by: Elijah James

Medical Assistant also known as MA works both on the clinical and administrative side, many people get the wrong impression and they think that medical assistant also works as physicians, however that’s not true. Medical Assistants help the Physicians to run their office smoothly by handling many tasks at the same time. But they are not physicians, a medical assistant work on both sides. You will witness them making phone calls to confirm the appointments for the patients, making the patient files handling the office correspondence, sending e-mails, help in filling the insurance forms, maintaining the patient’s medical history, billings and bookkeeping. They also see the accounts while working in the physician’s office.

Their responsibilities varies according to the offices as well, on clinical side a medical assistant also plays important role. They prepare patients for the routine checkup and help physicians when they examine the patients. They also describe the treatment procedures to the patients and in some cases give instructions for special diet. MA is responsible for checking the blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate and body temperature. They also collect the laboratory specimens to perform the simple laboratory test. They prepare patients for the x-ray rooms and also assist them with ultrasound. MA sterilizes the medical equipment and dispose-of the contaminated tools. A medical assistant also explains the medical history to the physicians, for the betterment of the patient care.

If you want to become a professional MA then there are several medical assistant education programs offered by different schools and colleges. These vocational schools and community college offer one year and two years programs. For medical assistant education, generally one year is for the diploma and two year program will lead you to an associate degree. Mostly candidates for this associate degree are trained on the jobs, and they improve their skills by working and getting experience. A high school diploma is required for the entry in the training program. The courses for the diploma and for the associate degree covers both administrative and clinical areas, like accounting, bookkeeping, insurance processing, keyboarding, transcription, anatomy, pharmaceutical principle, drug administration, and first aid.

There is no requirement for the certification of the job but for salary purposes you can have one. Also some of the employers prefer to recruit certified people. Certification also reflects the individual’s professional status and indicates the area of specialization. There are two major associations awarded with these certifications. One is Association of medical Technologists (AMT) and second is The American Association of Medical Assistants. The certification processing also depends on the association, but once you get the certificate you will be working as a CMA. You can start your new career by working either in hospitals or in physician’s offices. There will also be more job opportunities in terms of working with really big organizations.

Medical assistant education is necessary to become a professional MA. You can earn from $23K to $39K annually, however there is a variation in the salary which is due to the skills, and experience which comes with the job.

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