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Die Hard Cubs Fan

Die Hard Cubs Fan


Jay Sedlak


What is a die hard Cub Fan? Has the die hard Cub Fan changed over the years or is it handed down generation to generation? Is every Cubs Fan a die hard Cub Fan?

I think there are some distinct characteristics that make up a die hard Cub Fan that distinguishes them from your run of the mill Cub Fan or baseball fan. Don t get me wrong or misinterpret that I am putting down any Cub Fan. I am merely saying there is a difference. And some Cub Fans are die hard Cub Fans and might not really know it.

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But here is my take on what makes a die hard Cub Fan, in no particular order:


. Time as a Cub Fan is necessary. You can t become a die hard Cub Fan right off the bat. You have to have some time invested in this. Exactly how much time is a matter of interpretation but it takes a least a few years. It takes that long to feel the frustration that goes down deep;

Wrigley Field.

You must have attended a home game at least once but the more the better. A Wrigley Field visit is necessary to feel the crowd, the excitement and the beauty and down home feeling that can only be felt at Wrigley Field;

World Series.

A die hard Cub Fan must envision the Cubs going to the World Series. Not just hoping for it but actually believing that it will happen. This is especially true at the beginning of the season;

Personal Story.

Every die hard Cub Fan has a story to tell. An experience that has made a difference in their relationship to the Cubs. Something personal that brings out the passion that just doesn t go away no matter what happens.


This goes along with longevity but you must know the history of the Cubs and how they have gone this long without going to (and winning) the World Series;


Die hard Cubs Fans have felt the heartbreak of coming so close but to have their hopes and dreams of a World Series dashed right before their very eyes;


A die hard Cub Fan must believe that this is going to be the year. Many years of disappointments not with standing, you must believe, hope and dream that this is going to be the year. You can be critical and outspoken regarding the team and players etc, but a die hard Cub Fan believes at least at the start or some time during the year that this is going to happen. You may falter during the year and realize at some point it just isn t going to happen, but at some point in the year you must have that glimmer of hope however small and however short.

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