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Kitchen Remodeling: What Your Home Needs}

Kitchen Remodeling: What Your Home Needs


Jordan Rocksmith

Whether you want to spruce up your space or increase the value of your home in order to sell, revamping your kitchen is the way to go. The kitchen is a high-traffic area that can make or break the look and feel of your entire home. Fortunately, kitchen remodeling in Westchester can be a fun, enjoyable process where you watch your old kitchen get transformed into a room that is both functional and beautiful. Get an idea of what you want, enlist the help of experienced professionals, and make that dream into a reality.

Coordinating Is a Process, So Decide What Youre Going For

Take pictures of kitchens you love, browse through magazines, and utilize the Internet to get a solid idea of the look and feel you want for your kitchen. Do you love warm colors and beautiful woods? Do you want something cool and modern? If you really want black countertops and white tile, make sure the cabinets you want will work with the overall color scheme. Each decision you make will impact future decisions, so decide what is most important to you and build from there. While you may find various pieces attractive individually, they might clash when put together, so having an overall theme, color scheme, and style will narrow down your choices. If you have a hard time settling on a theme, choose a piece you really love and build from there. If you dont love the end result, you can always make changes.

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Countertops and Cabinetry

The countertops and cabinets you choose will affect how your entire kitchen looks. They both have obvious practical applications, too. In addition to your color of choice, you also need to consider materials, edges, styles, and textures. For cabinets, you can think about painting them or staining them and whether you want a wood overlay, a composite material, or a hardwood. For countertops, you can consider stone options (marble and granite are popular), laminate, butcher block, and more. You can also look into rounded or beveled edges, as well as the overall shape and style for counters and islands.

Flooring and Walls

Once youve selected countertops and cabinetry options, you can look at paint and flooring to complement the look. Your kitchen doesnt necessarily have to match the paint throughout the rest of your home, so your options are limited only by your tastes. As far as flooring, decide what kind of materials will work best for your needs. Tile is extremely durable, laminate is an affordable alternative to wood, and vinyl can come in many patterns and colors. Once youve nailed down your flooring type, you can consider colors, patterns, sizes, and textures that will make your kitchen beautiful.

Appliances and Accessories

After deciding on the basics, you can let your imagination take over. Choosing appliances, discussing lighting options (consider lighting above and below your cabinetry), looking into backsplash choices, considering crown molding, and picking out hardware for your cabinets and drawers can add that extra sense of depth to your new kitchen. If you can dream it up, you can present it to your designer, and you can figure out exactly what it would take to make it a reality.

When you decide to take on kitchen remodeling in Westchester, you should know that youre signing up for a fun, exciting, and involved adventure. Going in with a plan and a budget can make the process easier, but know that there will be professionals along the way to help you when you feel stuck. A new kitchen can totally change the style (and value) of your home, so dont be afraid to take the plunge.

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Kitchen Remodeling: What Your Home Needs