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The Penis Bump That Sounds Serious But Isnt Understanding Lymphoceles}

The Penis Bump That Sounds Serious but Isnt Understanding Lymphoceles


John Dugan

Some penis bumps are dangerous. Cysts that appear in response to a herpes infection can infect other people, for example, while lumps that arise due to certain strains of the human papilloma virus can cause cancerous changes in some men. So it’s not surprising that all guys respond with panic when they see a penis bump pop up on their tools. It’s also not too shocking that men often look for penis care solutions for any kind of swelling that takes hold below. But there’s one type of lump that might not need special care. It’s known as a lymphocele, and while it can be unsightly, it’s usually not serious.

What the Heck is a Lymphocele?

A “lymphocele” is a fancy word that means a lump full of lymph. This lymph is part of the body’s immune system. It courses through almost every single cell in the body, delivering vital elements while whisking waste products away. Typically, it passes through specific channels quite easily, so people don’t even know its there.

But sometimes, those little channels can get blocked. Typically, lymph channels in the penis become clogged when men do something vigorous to their tissues. Rough masturbation could cause this, as could long and intense sex sessions with a partner. Anytime the cells are put to the test for long periods of time, the lymph channels can get blocked.

When they do, the lymph fluid is trapped in a little bubble and has nowhere to go. This can lead to bumps that can feel hard, like a little marble, or they can feel soft and squishy; but they rarely cause pain, and they are not at all dangerous.

Dealing with this Penis Bump

Since lymphoceles arise due to tissue trauma, it’s understandable that lumpy men would need to give things a break when they’re trying to heal up. That means men should avoid:

Sex with partners


Erotic movies and magazines

Lap dances

Sometimes, it takes weeks for the bumps to go away, and that can seem like a long time to wait. But as a man rests, his body can work to unclog those blocked channels, allowing the lymph fluid to flow freely again. In extreme cases, the body can even reabsorb that lymph without opening the channel at all. That means the bumps could be gone for good, as long as a man is patient.

What to Do When New Bumps Appear

Men who have had these lymphoceles before might get them again if they engage in the same types of rough activity. But if a new lump pops up, there are things men can do right away in order to reduce the risk of long-term damage.

Pushing on the bump, using mild but steady pressure, could help the lymph to flow back through the blockage, and that could make the swelling go down quite quickly. It might not work for all men, but it may be helpful to some who are lucky enough to spot a lump as soon as it’s formed.

But those who don’t want to ever deal with a lymphocele again must be certain to avoid engaging in activities that can harm the delicate tissues of the penis. Skin down there is very sensitive and it’s easy to damage, so men must be cautious when they’re putting their bodies to work.

A penis health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) might also be useful. Quality products contain ingredients that maintain soft skin along with plenty of vitamins that can penetrate the skin and provide those tissues with the nutrients they need in order to stay healthy and bump-free for a lifetime.


for more information about treating common penis health problems, including soreness, redness and loss of penis sensation. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.

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The Penis Bump That Sounds Serious but Isnt Understanding Lymphoceles }


Things To Know About Medical Credentialing Services}

Submitted by: Mike Wilson Mike Wilson

With the changes that have taken place in the health industry it is necessary to verify the credential of the professional in this field. Confirming the veracity of doctors is possible with the help of medical credentialing services and it has proved effective.

Today it is necessary for every doctor to have a copy of medical credential to confirm that the doctor has the required knowledge to carry out practice in this field. Whether a doctor carried out treatment in the hospital, in a clinic or in a private chamber, it is necessary to hold medical credentialing to render treatment in a seamless manner. What exactly is the meaning of medical credentialing: To collect information on this field, you have to do some research and the reasons for which medical credentialing of the doctor has become a necessity. As a patient, you can also ask about credentialing of the doctor when you visit a clinic.

Things to know

In some states Medical credentialing services are active and information about doctors is available on the INTERNET. If you intend to visit a doctor, you can find out the credentials of doctors from the internet itself. However, the emergence of these services has not only proved effective for the patients but the doctors as well. When a doctor holds credentialing, it becomes easy to get payment from the insurance carrier. Thus, doctors can provide effective treatment to the patients without charging a huge fee. In addition to this, patients trust those doctors that hold medical credentialing. Furthermore, doctors get the opportunity to choose a specific according to the services offered to the patients.

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MDofficeManager provides Medical credentialing services at an hourly rate or by a monthly fixed cost per provider. We can perform all of the credentialing processes or share the responsibilities with you.

Benefits of credentialing

Medical credentialing specialists have a role to play when it comes to authenticating the medical training and education as well as obtaining verification of the board. Along with this it is necessary for a medical credentialing specialist to confirm whether there is a criminal record against the doctor or charges of malpractice. The information provided by the doctor is verified by the committee or the board which is in charge of it. In fact, the credentialing specialist not only saves time of clinics and doctors when it comes to recruiting doctors but allow the patients to get better treatment which is the primary reason for verifying the credentials of the doctors.MDofficeManager provides Medical credentialing services at an hourly rate or by a monthly fixed cost per provider. We can perform all of the credentialing processes or share the responsibilities with you.

The last tip

It is necessary for hospitals and clinics to avail the services of medical credentialing specialists as it saves the time and effort of the staff to a great extent. When patients come for treatment in a hospital or a clinic, it becomes easy for the staff to provide information about the specialists that can provide the right treatment to them. The purpose of credentialing is to make the health care industry a better place and to provide more effective services to the patients.

MDofficeManager provides Medical credentialing services at an hourly rate or by a monthly fixed cost per provider. We can perform all of the credentialing processes or share the responsibilities with you.

About the Author: MDofficeManager provides Medical credentialing services at an hourly rate or by a monthly fixed cost per provider. We can perform all of the credentialing processes or share the responsibilities with you.for more information Please visit us at


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Chia Seeds History And Origin}

Chia Seeds – History and Origin


AHD International

For most Americans Chia seeds first became recognizable as the seeds included with a small clay animal known as the Chia pet. The animal, often a sheep but later many other shapes including a human head were available. These clay figures were covered with Chia seeds then kept moist for several days until a tiny hair like sprout with two leaves covered the porous clay figure. This novelty gift was quite popular in the late 1970s but eventually its popularity faded. Today Chia pets are still available but Chia seeds have graduated from a novelty to a popular new food source for the Americas.

The Chia seed was discovered in the central valley of Mexico. It is believed Chia seeds were first grown and harvested by the Aztec civilization during the pre-Columbian era. At that time the plant, Salvia Hispanica (its Latin name), an annual herb and a member of the mint family, was considered one of the Aztec civilizations five major food crops. It was ranked third in importance behind corn and beans. The seeds were harvested from wild plants growing in open fields. The Chia seed was so prized that many Aztec people often paid their priests and nobility with these seeds for payments such as taxes. Tributes from conquered tribes were also paid with Chia seed. Once the Spaniards arrived in the area the harvesting of Chia seeds declined and the plants soon became all but extinct due to religious reasons.

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Salvia Hispanica, the Chia seed, is considered an annual herb. The plant is approximately 3 feet tall with opposite leaves measuring around 3 inches long and less than 2 inches wide. The leaves are medium green in color with serrated edges. The flowers are quite small, a medium blue in color and grow in small clusters of 4 to 8 on a slender stem. The plant is grown in fertile well drained soils but can tolerate less than ideal conditions. It does not like frost or shade. Seeds are harvested once the flowers have bloomed and faded and the plant has shriveled. Harvesting usually occurs in November. The seeds are quite small measuring less than inch long. They are mottled and range in color from brown, grey, black and white. The small seeds are oval in shape.

Today Chia seeds are produced in countries like Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador and Guatemala. They are grown commercially for human consumption. Chia products include oils, meal or flour and raw. Most are produced organically and are available at many organic and health food stores.

In Mexico and South America the Chia seed is often eaten raw, the raw seed is mild in flavor. Other preparations include grinding the seed into flour or meal, known as Pinole, are common. Pinole is used in cakes and cookies can be added to biscuits and breads or made into porridge or small cakes. Raw Chia seeds are sometimes soaked in water or fruit juice. This makes a refreshing drink which is referred to as Chia Fresca in Mexico. Chia seed oil is most often used in salads or sprinkled on cereal and breads. When Chia seeds are soaked they become gelatinous. The gelatin like substance is regularly used in puddings and gruels. In America Chia seed is used like alfalfa sprouts. The seeds produce small green sprouts within days of germination. The sprouts are used in salads and sandwiches.

The Chia seed has recently grown in popularity due to its reported dietary benefits. Chia seeds are available for purchase online and in health food stores. These seeds can range in price from $12.00 per pound to $60.00 depending on the color and quality of the seed.

AHD International is the distribution leader for the most new-to-market nutritional ingredients. Each product, like our chia seed, undergoes strict purity testing to ensure the highest quality and adherence to FDA and GMP standards. Whatever your business dietary supplements, functional foods, OTC, cosmetics, beverages or pet and livestock ingredients AHD has the ingredients to meet your needs. For information on the chia products, contact AHD via our website at or telephone our sales department at 404-233-4022.

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Chia Seeds – History and Origin