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Why Pilates And Stretch Is Needed To Make You Strong And Eliminate Back Pain}

Why Pilates and Stretch is Needed to Make You Strong and Eliminate Back Pain


Steven Giles

It doesn’t matter who you are, you have most likely suffered from some form of back pain or injury. Back pain is so common that even the most unsuspecting people, including athletes and body builders, suffer from it. You might be the healthiest person in the world who takes care of themselves by sleeping on the best mattresses, standing up straight, and also one who works out everyday, but you are still not exempt from experiencing back pain. Living is what results in lower back pain. It is as common as breathing and eating.

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Aging also does not help the process when it comes to back pain. Having children, working long hours, and stressed, tensed up muscles in the back also can contribute. Most assume that once their back is gone, that is the end of it. They call a doctor, get put on some addictive pain medications, and go on about their business. But, it should not have to be that way. Another sad scenario is when you have injured your back and go to either a doctor or chiropractor who tells you that you will never be the same. They state that you should “take it easy” and not miss any of your visits. They will look at you in pity and sadness and tell you that they are sorry, but nothing will ever be the same. Once your back has fallen out of alignment, doctors will lead you to believe that it is over – the damage has been done, there is no turning back. What a load of hogwash!

Do you know what they are doing when they attempt to scare you like this? They are wanting you to return back to their office because they want you to be dependent on them and nothing else! They just want your money, that’s all. Bet that makes you kind of angry, huh? And it should, because once your back has been damaged, no matter how old and fragile you think you are, it can be repaired. For example, we will assume that one of your disks has begun to bulge. You need to know that the main reason for that is the misalignment of the spine. Somewhere, somehow, your spinal alignment has fallen out of place, putting pressure on the wrong parts of your spine. The cause itself might not be clear, but the main thing is that you need to get it taken care of before you become completely unable to function and move. Changes in spinal alignment lead to an unnatural curve in the spine, headaches, numbness and tingling throughout the body, pain in other areas of the body, anxiety, and problems sleeping. There are a number of other symptoms that occur, but those are usually the most common.

The way to repair your spinal alignment is to do Pilates and stretching exercises everyday. If you feel that you are in too much pain to move, then you are in luck. Just had a baby? Then look no further, because these exercises were made just for the person in pain, and can be performed by everyone. As a matter of fact, everyone should invest in Pilates exercises because most do experience a level of pain in their lower backs. If you are the type who only experiences minimal pain and chooses to ignore it, then you really shouldn’t because that signifies that there is an even bigger problem that you are not aware of. It is better to start now than wait until you have herniated and bulging disks.

The movements which are practiced in Pilates exercises are very slow and easy to do. You simply lie down on a Pilates mat, relax, breath in and out very slowly and deeply, and start your exercises. Don’t have time? The good part is that they only last for 10 minutes a session, so everyone has time. It would be a good idea to start doing Pilates now, even if you do not experience any back pain. Pilates exercises strengthen your core muscles beginning from deep within your torso. These muscles pull all major parts of your core back into proper alignment so that no more damage is done. You are automatically more aware of how to breathe correctly, and how to take care of your spine. Everything works out beautifully.

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