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Five Misconceptions About Orthodontics}

Submitted by: Kishor Harale

Worried about your awkward dental structure? Well, orthodontics could be the perfect solution to your situation. Simply get a pair of braces fitted to your teeth and with this medical treatment as well as an Best orthodontist in Pune guidance, you will have the million dollar smile that once seemed like a far-fetched dream. For Puneites, the solution to all such dental problems is at the Smilex Dental Clinic, the one place that gives access to some of the expert dentists and best treatment facilities in the city. The extensive bouquet of options also includes orthodontics. Using the latest techniques, Smilex ensures that the treatment is effective and absolutely pain free. However, there are still may struggling to shed the inhibitions and opt for orthodontic treatments. The reason for this is pretty simple. People assume that the treatment is painful and above all, wearing braces would bring embarrassment to their otherwise charming personality.

Well, the doctors at Smilex, will shed light on these misconceptions so that you can be alert and keep the people around you informed preventing them from fearing the many benefits of orthodontic treatments.

It is painful and I will not be able to tolerate it

Well, this is one of the most common things that we have heard and it is completely wrong. Doctors at Smilex will confirm that the orthodontic treatment is not at all painful. The braces are implanted using latest techniques ensuring that the patient does not experience any discomfort.

I will have to give up my favourite food items

In the olden days braces were made of metal and chances of the patients experiencing pain while implantation was high. Even eating or talking, the regular activities were a bit difficult to accomplish. But, today the things are more advanced, medically as well as technically. Even with braces, your daily functions are not interrupted in any manner. You can eat, talk and be absolutely normal. No more bruises or cuts to worry about.

It does not help!

Sure braces do help. The help your dental structure gradually restore it to a more organized format. However, you need to be regular with your visits to the dentist and ensure that you follow the treatment exactly in the way it is prescribed. Leaving it midway due to the lack of patience will never let you reap the benefits.

I will be embarrassed

Now, the new braces are made of transparent materials so even when you are wearing them, its like not wearing them because no one will ever notice anything different. This automatically eliminates the need to feel embarrassed. From professionals to students, anyone can opt for this treatment without any inhibition.

I am too old for it

Well, don’t be judgemental and take the decisions for yourself. Instead, take time to visit the doctor and consult the experts. They will study the dental structure and determine the feasibility of the treatment for you. As far as age is concerned, it is not the only factor that decides your eligibility for the treatment !

About the Author: Mohan Kumar I am a Professional Blogger and Content Writer for Smilex.


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Enhance Your Appearance With The Help Of A Qualified Plastic Surgeon

Enhance Your Appearance With The Help Of A Qualified Plastic Surgeon



Cosmetic surgery is one of the fastest growing industries. The medical science in the field of cosmetology has developed rapidly bringing plenty of advanced theories for the enhancement of the looks of a person. The outer appearance of a person counts to a larger extent in several jobs. To retain the beauty and the external appearance the plastic surgeon contributes largely to the life of a person. Some of the treatments that are taken by people all across the world are Breast Augmentation, Breast reduction, Tummy tuck, Liposuction, Mini face lift, Botox, Scar removal, nose job and many more. It is essential to carefully select the plastic surgeon who can attend to your requirements. Only the right surgeon who has an eye for beauty can help a person attain their goals.

As beauty is an important element and enhances the life of a person in several ways it is essential to understand the requirements while selecting a plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon has to be one of the qualified and proficient in the field of cosmetology. Besides it is also essential to consider the designation of the doctor and their specialization so that you can ensure that he is the right person to guide you. For this the first thing that a person has to do is to identify the nature of the problem for which he seeks consultation of a cosmetic surgeon.

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This largely depends on the choice of the person. A person can choose a general cosmetic physician who can attend to some of the basic problems and give appropriate solutions to your problems. There are specialized cosmetic surgeons as well who are available to provide you with unique and specialized treatment. Therefore considering your requirement you can perfectly choose the cosmetic surgeon who specializes in that field among the various surgeons. This is noteworthy as there are diverse kinds of cosmetic surgeons found in the industry.

It is also noteworthy to understand the doctor and develop a good communication with your cosmetic surgeon. When you fix an appointment with the doctor you can learn about the various procedures and get an idea about the doctor\’s interest. This would help you to decide if he would be able to provide you with the best solution. There are different types of treatment provided. You can also get an idea about the various treatments and their procedures so that you can clearly understand about the cosmetic therapies. There are several laser treatments given today to patients worldwide.

You ought to check that the doctor that you have chosen has all the latest techniques available so that you can get the best treatment. However, it is only your plastic surgeon who can guide you in the best possible manner as based on the requirement of the person they would either suggest you for the cosmetic surgery or help you in the treatment process through non surgical treatment procedures also. Therefore to get the best results through the treatment it is crucial to look for a qualified doctor!

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Plastic surgery

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