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Getting A Uk Immigration Visa

Getting a UK Immigration Visa


Jhon Walker

Getting a UK immigration visa is far more complex than what we think. Especially with the new rules set on getting a UK visa and immigration, it is essential for people outside Europe to be well aware of these changes in order to be prepared in facing the people from immigration.

The UK parliament has proposed changes and these changes will greatly affect people who are outside Europe or generally speaking, people from different parts of the world who are planning to move to UK. On April 6, 2012 these changes have taken effect so people getting UK immigration visas may find it harder to make it through. As getting a UK visa immigration gets even harder for foreigners, people usually get help from UK solicitors or immigration counselors in order to get a UK immigration visa properly and avoiding possible mishaps that can affect the possibility of entering UK.

Because UK immigration can be confusing and seem so complicated, a lot of people are denied of getting a visa because they are unable to comply with the essential requirements requested. Despite the many changes of that the UK immigration has undergone over the years, still more and more people are coming to UK to live, work and study at the place. In the year 2009, it was observed that over half a million people came to the UK and most of these foreign nationals are from the Philippines, Pakistan and India. But with the new UK immigration rules that the parliament has implanted, the high numbers will be drastically lowered.

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With all these new rules in moving to the UK, this will only mean that people planning to move to UK must be more prepared and understand the newly set UK immigration rules as well as the process of getting a UK visa. Up to this point, the UK still uses a point based system where the five tiers are present and arrange accordingly.

Although the five tiers are already specific in categorizing people who will fall under each category, they also have sub-categories. Depending on the category you fall into is where you will find out which type of visa you will get. This points based system and tiers each have certain criteria that must be met by an individual in order to find out which tier the will fall in to.

The points based system has five tiers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Tier 1 is for highly skilled workers, entrepreneurs and investors. Tier 2 is for skilled workers, tier 3 for unskilled workers, tier 4 is for students and tier 5 is for temporary workers. There are tiers where a person who wishes to move to UK will need a sponsor endorsed by the UK border agency and this is common in tier 2. Apart from meeting the criteria and passing the other requirements, a UK visa applicant must also pass an English language test. You always have the option of getting legal help and expert advice from UK immigration counselors to help you through in getting a UK visa.

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