Picnic Tables Attract Many Varieties Of Friends

Picnic Tables Attract Many Varieties of Friends


Kathy Moran

One of the greatest pleasures of outdoor living is inviting friends for a meal in the backyard. As much as we love to sit at our

picnic tables

and chat with our human friends, however, it s also important to accommodate the feathered varieties by having some birdfeeders in our yards.

Of course, for wild birds, outdoor living is the only way to fly (sorry!), so they re used to dining al fresco; and they ve been getting along just fine since before humans existed. Even so, there are times, especially in the winter when things are covered with ice and snow, in which food becomes scarce and they need a little help. Luckily for them, many people are glad to oblige; but, just as we have our food safety rules, there are guidelines for handling bird food.

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It s very important to provide birds with a healthy, sanitary feeding environment. One of the foremost ways of doing this is by keeping birdfeeders clean. Wash them often with hot water and let them air dry completely before refilling them, as it s essential to keep the seed clean, dry, fresh, and free of mold.

Use a seed blend that is made for the type of feeder you have and the kinds of birds that you regularly see in your yard, or those that you wish to attract. Do not use blends that contain filler seeds or grains. Because the birds will not usually eat these, the seeds will end up on the ground, and it s crucial to keep the areas around and underneath the stations clean as well.

Occasionally, especially during the lean times of the harsh winter, the feeder may become too crowded. This can be bad for the birds, because the larger, more aggressive ones may keep the smaller birds from getting their fair share. It may also cause stress, which can affect a bird s immune system.

Using multiple stations will prevent this; and it s a good idea anyway, because different species of birds prefer different types of food (although even the most finicky, epicurean bird will rarely turn up its beak at anything during a famine). It also disperses bird activity and reduces the concentration of droppings in one particular area, as does moving feeders around from time to time.

Fortunately, when it comes to feeding people in your backyard, you ll usually need only a single feeding station. For this, experts advise the use of a picnic table from AllPicnicTables.com.

This does not mean that your choices are limited. No-o! In fact, AllPicnicTables.com has an incredibly huge variety of spectacular wood, metal, and synthetic tables in all sizes, shapes, and colors. The only caveat is that studies have found that these tables are highly alluring to all varieties of people, so put out only the kind of food that will bring the ones you wish to attract.

To browse the complete collection of picnic and dining tables, as well as a fantastic assortment of outdoor furniture, visit AllPicnicTables.com. To contact a design consultant or a customer service professional, call 1-888-293-2339, or e-mail contact@allpicnictables.com.

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